For LAND at the Drawing Room

Overhead and Underfoot

16 x 60

Photographic c-prints, mounted on aluminum

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I feel equally awed by large and small acts of survival. My protective passion is stirred alongside my wonder when I witness persistence in the face of vulnerability. This triptych includes two very different views. The golden images were taken looking straight down at a carpet of tiny, rugged, coastal flowers that appear for only a few weeks in spring, busting out their brightness despite wind and fog. The center image was taken looking straight up, in the center of a stand of towering redwoods. These giants have withstood so many trials, and yet they are not invincible. Looking up and looking down, I hope to find my proper place.

Through September 4

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For Art for AIDS 2022

Linger- Flyway 2

12 x 36

Photograph printed on metal

The pandemic has intensified my love for the wonders of my home state. This long-exposure photograph was captured while Sandhill Cranes made their way to evening roosts in the Sacramento Delta.